Your wedding makeup is one of the most important parts of your day. How you look on your special day will play a big part in how you feel, and you want to feel amazing! 

These wedding makeup photos of real brides and their bridal parties will give you examples of makeup looks you may like to go for. Each person having their makeup done on your wedding day will have a brief consultation before the makeup begins, and you each have a choice of different foundation coverages and finishes, colours of makeup on your eyes, lips and cheeks to suit your skin tone and taking into consideration the colour of your wedding theme, flowers and dresses. Professional makeup products have been carefully chosen for their comfortable, long-lasting and beautifully photogenic qualities. 

Once the makeup is finished, it's set in place with a finishing spray and won't budge until you decide it's time to take it off, which may well be the following morning! Many brides report how amazed they were that their makeup was still perfect at midnight.

You may like to see how the makeup looks on professional wedding photos. Have a look at some professional wedding photos of previous brides taken by their professional wedding photographers on their day.