Choosing Your Look

Messy Bridal Up-Do

Messy updos are very popular with brides, and great for weddings with a relaxed, rustic theme. The messy bohemian bridal hair look is all about looking like you've not tried too hard. It shows off the colour and texture in your hair and makes full use of your hair's length and volume. If your hair is short, hair extensions or padding can be added to create a bigger messy updo.

Half Up-Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is also very popular with brides and gives you a loose romantic look whilst still keeping your hair off your face. Half up half down hairstyles are great for those with medium/long hair and offers something different to how you usually wear your hair whilst still keeping some hair around your shoulders. You can choose whether to have a half up half down style with loove waves, curls and whether the top half is taken back with twists, braids, or simply pinned back.

Sleek Classic Bridal Hair

vintage sleek bridal hair

Classic bridal updos and sleek bridal hairstyles are perfect for brides who want to go for the classic bridal look, with hair swept back neatly. This look is for brides who want their hair to look neat and elegant, great for those with a vintage wedding theme. Rather than a messy boho appearance, the hair will be smooth and shiny with hair pinned in place in an organised fashion.

Natural Bridal Makeup

natural bridal makeup

Natural bridal makeup is perfect for brides who want to enhance their natural features without looking like they have much makeup on. Natural colours will be used to accentuate the bride's features adding a radiance to the eyes, skin, lips and cheeks giving a 'barely there' makeup appearance with a beautiful natural glow. 

Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

The soft smokey eye bridal makeup look is the most popular look for brides, and offers a stunning focus on the eyes, with a nude lip. Browns, greys, or pinks can be used to create the smokey eye effect, and the smokey eye makeup can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. This makeup look is great for brides wanting to make a statement without going too far out of their comfort zone.

Vintage Bridal Makeup

vintage makeup cheshire

Vintage bridal makeup is perfect for brides with a vintage wedding theme. This look is all about the bold red lip and winged eye liner and great for brides who usually wear a strong lip colour. Vintage makeup looks beautiful on those with a pale complexion and accentuates the natural shape of the eyes and lips. It's the type of makeup that will certainly stand out on your wedding day.

Each Cheshire bride has a different hair and makeup vision for their wedding day. The most popular looks on my Cheshire brides are the soft smokey eye makeup and messy updo closely followed by the half up half down hairstyle. Where-ever you're getting married within the Cheshire area, one of these looks is sure to suit you and your wedding theme, and we can tweak any style to make it the perfect bridal look for you.